A Truly Inspirational Soul…


Sometimes in life, you meet people who are just extraordinary, and Orpa, the beautiful girl in this photograph, is definitely one of them. She has been through unimaginable trials, undergoing a quadruple amputation, to save her from blood poisoning. Yet you would never know, as her bright warm smile, lights up any room and she has the sweetest kind and gentle nature. Her positive outlook on life without dwelling on the past, is truly admirable and yet she still strives to be the best she can be. Orpa embodies and breathes the word inspirational. I was lucky enough to be asked to document her engagement and witness one of the most special days of her life. As a photographer, these events are priceless, as I’m in the blessed position to capture special moments, which will be cherished for a lifetime and generations to come.I feel the strength and passion that Orpa exemplifies in everyday life really inspires me and hopefully by sharing this, you will no doubt be inspired too 🙂

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